IP Access Control

Control access and manage the flow of people in and around your building

IP Access Control: More Than Security

If you think Access Control is just about giving staff access to designated areas, you’ll be excited to learn that preventing access to areas with cards, fobs and biometrics is just the beginning.

With an IP connected system, you get all the added benefits that come with a system fully connected to your network like reporting, analysis, CRM integration, active monitoring and the ability to access your system from any device connected to the internet.

This level of integration with your existing network and sharing of resources creates an efficiency of scale, reducing the capital cost of acquisition,  along with the more obvious improvement in physical and IT security.

Interconnected Benefits of IP Access Control

With the single touch of a button, you can block or grant access to a single room, department or entire building from any internet connected device.

In the past, when keys were lost, at best it would be an inconvenience to issue new keys, at worst you’d be replacing locks. Today, you can terminate a key with the touch of a button, making the management of facilities much more simple and cost-effective.

Access can be controlled with cards, fobs, bio-metrics or even smartphones.

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How Can An IP Access Control Solution from Advantex Help You?

  • You’ll only need to make one call to get support for Surveillance, Access and Building Management
  • You’ll be able to manage your site’s security remotely, on any device
  • You’ll be partnering with an NSI Gold Level provider of Security Solutions

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