Small Power Installations

Small Power Cabling is probably the least considered but most important element of your workplace. Without a proper design, taking into consideration load balancing, fire safety and actual user requirement, you’ll end up with a small power cabling installation with a very short lifespan.

You Can’t Ignore Small Power Cabling

You don’t give it too much thought when you plan your office refurbishment, factory refit or new classroom layout, but your small power cabling is probably the most important element of your workplace.

Small Power Cabling includes all the things that sit in the background that you hardly notice like your containment, sockets, fused spurs and lighting.

But without proper design, where load is calculated precisely and user requirements considered based on your situation, you’re potentially creating more work and cost for yourself at a later date or, worse still, compromising on the safety of your staff and equipment.

Small Cabling; Big Standards

If you like things done precisely, to exceptionally high standards, then you’ll appreciate why we make sure that every component in our Small Power Cabling systems are fully accredited to the relevant BS standards.

You’ll also understand why our engineers are fully City & Guilds accredited and why we’ll never sign anything off without tests or final approval from an Electrical Supervisor.

Our experience and credentials mean that we are able to design, install and maintain safe Small Power Cabling systems for any environment whatsoever; whether that be heavy industrial, light industrial, office or school.


The biggest advantage you get by partnering with us however, is not our expertise in Data & Power, which is vast, but the same level of expertise across multiple product sets including IT, Communications and Security, and our ability to simplify all of these products into a single solution.

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"Advantex’s expertise in developing complex IT solutions for large-scale comparable manufacturing environments impressed. The team worked hard to win our trust with a solution that reflects the scale and ambition of a multi-million pound train manufacturing facility."

Malcolm Brown
Hitachi Rail Europe’s IT Manager

"The IT and communications solution by Advantex will meet the needs of our customers.

It will also deliver long term financial benefits and the flexibility for future infrastructure and technology upgrades."

Bruce Trotter
Partnership Director