SEMINAR | ‘Be a Fast Fish with Cisco’. Dive into Next-Gen Networking and Security Solutions

Informative Seminar

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, success isn’t solely determined by size. Agility and technology adoption are now key drivers reshaping the arena. It’s no longer about big fish eating small fish; it’s about being the fast fish in the sea.

Recognising this challenge, Advantex is thrilled to announce an informative seminar titled “Be a Fast Fish with Cisco.” Scheduled for 18 April in Newcastle, this event promises an afternoon filled with expert presentations and demonstrations, exploring solutions designed to help agile companies swiftly embrace and leverage technology, enabling them to become ‘fast fish’ and accelerate their business growth.

Cisco’s solutions will be explored across several pivotal domains: Securing your perimeter with Cisco’s Cloud Security to enable your people, fortifying powerful networks to enhance your workspaces, boosting connectivity and performance with Wi-Fi 6, deploying advanced surveillance capabilities with Cisco Cameras and Sensors, and ultimately, empowering your IT team beyond the network with visibility, automation, and AI.

Attendees will have the opportunity to gain expert insights from industry-leading experts, explore next-gen solutions through interactive demos, network with peers and Cisco experts, and unwind with refreshments and a dash of competition in crazy golf.

“We are excited to host the ‘Be a Fast Fish with Cisco’ seminar and provide businesses with valuable insights into the future of networking,” said Steve O’Connell, Director at Advantex.

“With Cisco’s innovative solutions, organisations can become fast and agile in today’s competitive landscape. This event is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to learn from industry experts, network, and explore how they can leverage Cisco technologies to drive their own success.”

The event is open to IT professionals and business leaders. Attendance is free, but space is limited.

Registration has now closed for this event.


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