COVID-19 Technology Solutions

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We understand both the importance of getting a business up and running, as well as the welfare and wellbeing of staff, that’s why we provide state-of-the-art affordable technology solutions that help mitigate and monitor the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Whilst most may think this emerging technology has been forged in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the reality is, this technology has been around for years and is trusted and used with confidence by some of the world’s biggest organisations.

Advantex has been supplying the UK’s biggest and best-known brands with such technology for almost a decade, putting them at the forefront and your go-to technology partner in response to COVID-19.


Whilst this technology can’t detect a virus, including COVID-19, it can, however, detect temperature anomalies, and with fever being a standout symptom of the virus, it is an effective way of identifying any potential risk.

The technology highlighted on this page is intended to support your business and reduce risks in the workplace, enabling a smoother transition into working again under the ‘new normal’ following the coronavirus pandemic.

Thermal Imaging Solutions


IP thermal cameras can detect the surface skin temperature of a person entering a building or facility, offering alerts in real-time if the temperature detected is outside of the ‘normal’ range set – reducing risk and adding peace-of-mind to your organisation.

Our thermal imaging solutions allow you to focus on your day-to-day operations knowing you’re doing all you can to protect your workforce and business from potential risk.



Social Distancing Solutions


Under current government advice, the public must follow a 2-metre social distancing rule, however, implementing this in the workplace and ensuring your employees adhere to such rules is a challenge in itself.

Our social distancing solutions can help detect in real-time when people fall within the 2-meter minimum distance for social distancing, allowing you to monitor and take action.

Not designed so you have to respond to every breach, but more so to help identify potential bottlenecks that need attention, also identifying persistent offenders that flaunt your desired guidelines and allow you to respond accordingly.

Even as a deterrent, this can be a powerful tool in the battle against COVID-19



Crowd Control Solutions


Our crowd control solutions can detect when specific areas are overpopulated in real-time, allowing you to take immediate action.

These solutions can be tied in with existing audio and visual alarm systems to notify people that the limit within a specific area has been exceeded.

In addition, these solutions can also be integrated with access control to stop additional personnel from entering an overpopulated area, ultimately reducing risk in that area.



PPE Detection Solutions


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is protective equipment that protects your employees from health and safety risks, however, by not wearing PPE, this significantly increases the risk of injury, or in some cases, death, causing reputable and financial damage to a business.

Our PPE detection solutions can detect whether your employees are wearing the correct PPE before they enter a specific area, granting or denying access based on your desired settings – ultimately reducing health and safety risks in the workplace.



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