IT Solutions

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a whole team of accredited IT experts ready and willing to resolve any of your IT related problems as soon as they happen? This is no myth, it’s just another way we simplify your IT.

Managed IT Solutions: A Smarter Way to Manage Your IT

What’s your worst IT nightmare? A ransomware attack on your server? Slow IT systems that make you look bad in front of your biggest customer? 100 members of staff losing access to emails at the busiest time of day?

IT has become so pervasive in your everyday workplace that there’s an infinite number of ways it can go wrong and cause critical disruption. You’ve probably already lost days of productivity due to one or more of the problems above.

Maybe you’re terrified of it happening again?

With our Managed IT Solutions, you don’t need to be afraid of this or any other IT problem you can think of.

Your IT Systems Should Be Revered, Not Feared

You should never allow yourself to be in a situation where you’re afraid of the next critical disruption to your service due to an IT problem. Your IT is as integral to your workplace as the people who work there.

Revere your IT, don’t fear it. The only way you can achieve this is by bringing in expertise to protect your organisation from disruption due to IT. You can access expertise by hiring qualified staff (and assume all the Human Resource obligations that go along with that) or you can make one call to us and let us take all that worry away.

We offer a fully managed IT Solution that includes IT Procurement, IT Finance, IT Support & Maintenance and IT Security.

How Can a Managed IT Solution From Advantex Help You?

  • Bring the latest technology into your workplace
  • Bring the highest standards of IT accreditation into your organisation without the operational costs
  • Free up your resources
  • Make your IT procurement process cost-efficient
  • Give you access to dedicated IT Support 24/7

"We cannot fault the support that has been provided and staff are always knowledgeable, polite and eager to resolve any issues and offer advice."

Mandy Tulip
School Business Manager

"Advantex has delivered our ICT strategy and implemented several projects that we’d previously been unable to have. They offered sound common sense advice, which has enabled us to transform our communications between staff and third parties after moving to Office 365."

Mandy Tulip
School Business Manager

"Advantex is a trusted partner, who works hard to develop and deliver beneficial and value added solutions. They have met our current needs and provided a flexible system that will enable us to adapt to future needs.

Kevin Patterson
IT Manager

"Advantex, who impressed from start to finish with their expertise, cost effective solution and experience on similar projects, moved quickly to deliver an improved service in record breaking time."

Mitch Gaglardi
Managing Director