Network Infrastructure

The fundamental layer that powers your workplace; the backbone upon which your entire offering sits, is your network infrastructure. The worst words your IT Manager could say to you in a meeting? “There’s a problem with our network.” Our Managed Network Infrastructures solution ensure that’s never your problem.

15 Years of Industry-Leading Experience Wrapped Up in a Single Managed Solution

Managing your network should be one of your highest priorities. Everything you do at work is built upon this fundamental layer. A problem in this layer with a cable, a UPS, a connection or any data transfer bottleneck will disrupt your business – potentially critically.

How long would it take you to replace and rewire an entire floor’s network infrastructure? Source and procure market-leading UPS? Rewire multiple access points? How many of your integrated systems would be down during this process? Telephones? Security? Building Management?

Is this something your current IT Manager could handle?

We’ve been designing network infrastructure since we founded 15 years ago. We’ve built our business, layer by layer, on our fundamental skill and expertise at installing robust, high speed networks. Now we’re offering this service to you, as a fully Managed Solution.

Protect Your Workplace from Critical Network Failure

Physical hardware is only one half of the battle to keep your network free from bottlenecks, points of failure and other critical incidents. The other half is acquiring the skills and expertise to manage your network effectively, in a way that protects you from threats 24/7.

Our Managed Network Infrastructures services allows you to bring all of our expert knowledge and market-leading technology into your organisation without the intensive upfront capital and operational costs.

We can protect you from failure before you’re aware it exists. We can procure replacement hardware before yours fails. We can deliver expert network support 24/7, in a single call, and handle all aspects of your infrastructure; from power & data cabling to software.

What Advantages will a Managed Network Infrastructure Create for You?

  • Bring the latest technology into your workplace
  • Bring the highest standards of IT accreditation into your organisation without the operational costs
  • Give you access to dedicated IT Network Support 24/7
  • Protect your network from critical failure

"The support that Advantex has given us has been crucial in achieving that ambition, and we are now proud to call them a partner"

John Sargent
Director at Veterans In Crisis

"Innovation is our mantra, it’s what our business is built on. Like us, Advantex is constantly striving to innovate, pushing the boundaries to improve and succeed in everything - the perfect partnership"

Allison Brunton
IT Manager at D-Line

"Having worked with Advantex in previous roles, they were my absolute go-to partner for this project. They advised, designed and implemented a solution that ticked all our required boxes."

Mike Carnaffin
Network & Infrastructure Manager at ALP