Hosted & Cloud Services

Why Hosted & Cloud Services are Better

You have three major challenges when you consider purchasing new technology or software: cost, skills and security.

With a Hosted (Cloud) service, you can overcome all three of these challenges within a single procurement exercise (and leave management and security to Accredited experts).

We have an entire suite of hosted services including Disaster Recovery, Threat Prevention, Backups, IT Support, Network Monitoring, Telephone Systems and Office Applications. Our dedicated experts man your hosted services 24/7, keeping your virtual workplace safe and operational at all times.

Access to Market-Leading Technology

As well as the logistical and capital advantages of a hosted service, there are also the technological advantages of having access to the latest market-leading solutions available.

Whether that’s faster, stronger, more productive, more powerful or just easier to use, you can’t ignore the fact that technology evolutions give you an edge. They improve your user experience and help you deliver a better service to your users.

When you buy a hosted service from Advantex, you get the most powerful combination of technology, skills and expertise in a single, unified product that leaves you with all the time and resources you need to become even better at what you do.

How Do Hosted & Cloud Services from Advantex Make You Better at What You Do?

  • Bring the latest technology into your workplace
  • Expand your product portfolio
  • Free up your resources
  • Protect your workplace from physical and remote damage
  • Help you deliver a better user experience

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"Innovation is our mantra, it’s what our business is built on. Like us, Advantex is constantly striving to innovate, pushing the boundaries to improve and succeed in everything - the perfect partnership"

Allison Brunton
IT Manager at D-Line

"Having worked with Advantex in previous roles, they were my absolute go-to partner for this project. They advised, designed and implemented a solution that ticked all our required boxes."

Mike Carnaffin
Network & Infrastructure Manager at ALP

"The technology, advice and empathy provided by Advantex has been excellent. We are not only benefiting from financial savings, but the provision of modern, easy-to-use and reliable telecoms and IT services, offering all round advantages to everyone."

Lisa Thomas
Zoe’s Place Office Manager, Middlesbrough Hospice


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