Fibre Optic Data Cabling

Fibre optic cabling is the backbone of a high speed, secure network; capable of transmitting data for all your applications across vast distances.

Fibre Optic Cabling

Whilst our engineers are fully trained in the design and implementation of Fibre Optic Cabling systems, you don’t always need them to achieve your goals. Usually, when your requirement is to transmit data over great distances, for example across multiple sites or many floors of a building, we might recommend a Fibre solution.

When we do think a Fibre Optic Cabling solution is best for your situation, we’re fully experienced in both Single and Multi-mode fibre cabling and our in-house engineers will use our own specialist equipment to install it for you; including OTDR, Fusion Splicers and light testers.

When a fibre solution is recommended, you’ll experience faster data transfer speeds over greater distances delivering higher bandwidth much more securely.


Preparing Your Fibre Optic Future

We know from experience that when you consider a Fibre Optic Cabling installation, there are two primary concerns; the first is cost vs function and whether or not the cost is worth the function. The second is how future-proof your network will be.

In both cases, our consultative approach will help you fully understand what your new Fibre Optic network will be capable of, and we’ll validate our designs by testing every cable after installation. You’ll even get a test certificate for each cable.

Many so-called “full service” IT companies actually employ the services of third party companies to do their data cabling work. By doing everything in-house, we maintain full control over the entire process, ensuring your single point of contact, your Project Manager, has all the answers you’ll need whenever you need them.

Why Fibre Optic Cabling from Advantex Will Improve Your Network

  • All work carried out by an inhouse team
  • Transmit data over greater distances
  • Almost two decades of infrastructure design experience
  • All cables fully tested before sign-off

"Advantex’s expertise in developing complex IT solutions for large-scale comparable manufacturing environments impressed. The team worked hard to win our trust with a solution that reflects the scale and ambition of a multi-million pound train manufacturing facility."

Malcolm Brown
Hitachi Rail Europe’s IT Manager