A robust, reliable and cost effective new communications systems was required

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Springboard Customer Service

Springboard North East, established in 1975, helps arrange experience and training for young people so that they can gain valuable life skills and experience that will help them into work.

Its work spans operations across the North East in Sunderland, East Durham, Hartlepool and South Tyneside. Skilled operatives are able to organise practical work experience for people of all ages, including voluntary work and apprenticeships, through developing and nurturing local connections and links with local employers.

The Challenge

A robust, reliable and cost effective new communications systems was required to connect and support an operation spanning several different sites across the North East.

Improved super-fast internet connectivity and high quality, crystal clear telephony were the key ingredients for the new system, which would enable people working in a busy organisation to share vital information quickly and securely between sites while delivering enhanced business efficiency.

The Solution

Advantex’s extensive telecoms experience led to the recommendation and installation of a new Mitel 3300 IP phone system installed across all of Springboard’s sites to deliver high quality and reliable calls both internally and externally.

On-going maintenance has been included as an integral part of a system package that delivers around the clock back-up and technical support.

The second part of the solution saw Advantex ensure all nine of the organisation’s sites benefit from secure network services. This is being achieved through the utilisation of advanced technology (Multiprotocol Label Switching) that enables easy multi-site connectivity with improved and rapid system management and control.

The Results

There’s no doubt Advantex’s solution has met the requirement for a more efficient and secure telecoms service to enable Springboard to move forward in the future with confidence and surety.

A high speed voice network is just one of the advantages now available to the charity, which is also able to tap into an IT infrastructure that is more efficient and delivers the flexibility to accommodate the integration of any services the company will want to add at a later date.

As well as improving the efficiency of the communications, this solution will also deliver long term cost savings for Springboard on its call costs – internal calls can be made between sites free over the internet.


"A huge pat on the back for Advantex for keeping its promises and proving that you are really a thoroughly professional organisation....problems we did have were solved quickly. Customer satisfaction is paramount to a successful business partnership, and there’s no doubt Advantex deliver that without fail."

Keith Miller
IT Manager for Springboard