Connecting Classrooms with Improved Wi-Fi Capabilities

Advantex have supplied Belmont Community School with a specially configured Wi-Fi system and switching technology running on new fibre optic cabling, as part of a national Government IT initiative. This project is also being supported by a 24/7 maintenance and management package.


Specifically, the contract sees Advantex providing a new cloud managed Cisco Meraki network at the school, which will provide improved access to eLearning resources, faster connection times, broader coverage and greater reliability.


Improved Wi-Fi capability has been installed across the school’s campus as part of an initiative that will support a suite of technologies to keep almost 800 students, teachers and support staff safely online either onsite or working remotely.


The work is being carried out under the Department for Education’s ‘Connect the Classroom’ scheme, which is providing hundreds of millions of pounds of national funding to help schools across the country upgrade their network and IT provision.


Dan Brinton, deputy headteacher at Belmont Community School, said they have invested to secure current and long-term technology requirements.


“We have been impressed by Advantex’s added value Wi-Fi solution and how they have bought into the spirit of the ‘Connect the Classroom’ scheme. Our investment will deliver not only a great resource but also one of the best possible learning environments for teachers, pupils and support staff.”


Stephen O’Connell, sales and marketing director at Advantex, said Belmont and other schools are accessing this beneficial scheme to unlock greater IT potential.


“At Advantex, we understand the Government’s technology for education requirements and continue to be at the forefront of delivering the quality network and connectivity solutions schools right across the North East need for the future to better serve their pupils.”


Advantex is experienced in developing DfE compliant designs and systems and undertaking detailed audits of schools to assess requirements. Infrastructure is then designed by a Meraki Cisco certified engineer to ensure the school benefits from an accredited installation, personalised project management and after-care package.

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