Calls on Teams

Keep your current phone system with all the features you rely on.

Make and receive work calls on any device. Work anywhere.


Microsoft Teams can be installed on any PC, Mac or mobile device so now your team can make and receive work calls from your phone system wherever they are. This is an instant gamechanger for businesses who have staff who travel, work from home or work on the move.



Works with Microsoft Teams on any PC, Mac or Mobile.


Microsoft Teams is a free App that can be installed on any PC, Mac or mobile device. Microsoft Teams brings everything together in a shared workspace where your staff can now make and receive calls, chat, meet, share files and work with business apps.



Quick & simple implementation in minutes.


A simple single portal manages the Calls on Teams service. Enter the list of users with the information to connect them to Office 365 and your PBX and they are ready to go. Real-time diagnostic information shows they are connected and ready to use the service.‚Äč It really couldn’t be much simpler. You can be up and running in minutes.



Works with any phone system or stand-alone


Calls on Teams platform uses standard SIP to connect to your existing phone system, just like a phone. So whether you have an existing system in place, or you’re just starting up, calls on Teams integrates with almost any phone system or on its own.



Enterprise grade encryption and security built-in


Calls on Teams provides end to end encryption of both signalling and media whilst managing SSL certificates for each customer. It provides fine-grained access control to the Calls on Teams calling platform and you can revoke our access to your Office 365 tenant at any time.



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