SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks for Voice Calls Offer Huge Savings

If you still use ISDN or traditional phone lines, you’re missing out on the powerful benefits of SIP Trunks. Benefits as immediate as savings on call costs to longterm benefits such as being free to move office and take your number with you and having redundancy in case of emergency.

SIP Trunks are an additional voice channel in addition to your ISDN channels, but instead of being physically connected to your local exchange, they transmit voice via your internet connection, offering you inclusive calling minutes and free site to site communications.

In a nutshell, as long as you have internet connectivity, and if you’ve partnered with us to get connected you will have, you’ll be able to make lower cost voice calls to anywhere in the world.

More Power with SIP

Because SIP Trunks sit on your network, you can access the many benefits of an IP-connected system including reporting, analysis and support. Call logging can even be integrated into your CRM.

Combined with the feature-rich power of a Mitel telephone system, you can transform an inbound customer call into a powerful, pleasant experience with intelligent call routing, on-hold messaging, call distribution to designated teams whilst remote workers never have to miss a call into the office again.

You can get all of this at a lower cost than your existing system.

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How Will SIP Trunks Help You?

  • Reduce calling costs
  • Improve your protection against downtime with improved redundancy
  • Offer free site-to-site communications
  • Sit on top of your existing infrastructure
  • Give you flexibility to increase or decrease your channels, handsets or total calling time

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"What we do off the pitch is equally as important as how we as a club perform on the pitch, and Advantex are like a new superstar signing, always delivering innovative solutions to help us succeed"

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"As our managed service provider, Advantex give us the peace of mind that we’re not only in the right hands should something go wrong, but they allow us to focus on our day-to-day roles - ultimately improving the overall efficiency of the business. On the occasions when we need additional resource or support, they never fail to step up to our requirements. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend."

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"A huge pat on the back for Advantex for keeping its promises and proving that you are really a thoroughly professional organisation....problems we did have were solved quickly. Customer satisfaction is paramount to a successful business partnership, and there’s no doubt Advantex deliver that without fail."

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