IP Building Management

Control your building’s lights, access and surveillance with a single, unified system

IP Building Management. That’s Intelligent.

How would you like to automate those mundane (but essential) tasks that eat into your time and cost you money?

If lights could turn themselves off at the end of each day, or heating could turn itself up or down depending on residents and temperature, or even surveillance and access control activating and deactivating only when required, would that save you time? Would it save you money?

An intelligent Building Management system can automate your energy conservation by turning on/off building features as and when they’re required.

New Infrastructure Not Required.

Plug into the benefits of an IP Building Management system without ever needing to unplug your existing network infrastructure.

Like our IP Access Control and IP Surveillance solutions, our IP Building Management solution will seamlessly integrate with your existing IP based network.

What’s Different About an Advantex IP Building Management System?

  • Automate your energy conservation features and save you time and money
  • You’ll be able to manage your site’s security remotely, on any device
  • You’ll be partnering with an NSI Gold Level provider of Security Solutions

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"Since installing the remote lighting system, Advantex have been excellent with their aftercare and everything that we've required we've had. The lights have enabled evening and twilight race meetings which has been excellent for the profile of the racecourse."

Paul Elliot
Operations Manager


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