IP CCTV Surveillance

Improve workplace security with IP CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Get peace of mind with an IP CCTV Surveillance system.

85% of organisations agree that having clearly visible surveillance in and around your premises acts as a deterrent against crime, improves the productivity of your workforce and offers you insurance against unfounded claims.

Unfortunately, many organisations, including schools and local authorities, do not experience any of these benefits due to a poorly designed or poorly maintained surveillance system.

On top of that, many systems have no backup or disaster recovery provision in place or comply with the latest security and privacy requirements, including GDPR.

Read on below to learn more about how we, as a Gold Certified NSI Accredited provider, offer a comprehensive 4-step bespoke design and installation service that addresses every possible requirement you could have – as well those you never knew existed.

Consultation: Listening to Your Requirements

Your requirements are unique to your situation and that’s why we’ll never initiate a surveillance project without a full, free consultation with yourself and/or your stakeholders.

As part of our surveillance (CCTV) consultation, we’ll gather your specifying parameters, create a comprehensive visual, digital survey of your site and, upon return to our offices, create the full schematics and drawings to meet your objectives.

We’ll send this back to you with no obligation.

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IP Camera System Design

Following the consultation, our IP Surveillance engineers will bring all of their experience to bear in designing the perfect system to meet your objectives.

Your designs are created in a fully 3D rendered version of your site, where cameras are placed at the most suitable position to demonstrate field of view, clarity and the definition you need to solve the particular problem you have.

You can actually view a 3D mockup of what you’ll see from a particular camera post-installation. This forms part of our Project Initiation, and it only happens once you’re happy with what you see.

IP Surveillance CCTV Installation

Once you’re happy with the design and you’ve agreed your project, our CCTV engineers hand your project over to the Project Management team, where you’ll be assigned a dedicated Project Manager and installation date.

Our camera engineers are fully trained by product vendors including Axis, Milestone and others as well as being fully certified City & Guilds engineers.

Our attention to detail, quality of installation and our NSI Gold Accreditation ensure your new IP Surveillance (CCTV) system meets all the latest security and electrical standards as well as your own specific objectives.

Maintenance & Support

Following installation, you will receive an itemised sign-off document, ensuring that we do not leave site until you are happy with the system.

In most cases, our IP Surveillance systems run seamlessly for years without much additional support but on the rare occasion a system does not, we offer a comprehensive 24/7 support & maintenance facility, which you can increase or decrease depending on your specific requirement.

We also offer full backup and disaster recovery solutions, as well GDPR compliance to make sure your surveillance system protects your workplace in all the ways you’d expect it to.

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How Will An IP Surveillance CCTV Camera System Benefit You?

  • Allow remote viewing from any location with an internet connection
  • Improve security and clarity of recordings with high definition video previously unavailable in analogue systems
  • Record only when motion or unusual behaviour is detected, saving resources in the process
  • Offer greater scalability for growth as new cameras integrate seamlessly with your existing IP network
  • Reduce processing time of recorded footage with intelligent event searches

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"Advantex’s expertise in developing complex IT solutions for large-scale comparable manufacturing environments impressed. The team worked hard to win our trust with a solution that reflects the scale and ambition of a multi-million pound train manufacturing facility."

Malcolm Brown
Hitachi Rail Europe’s IT Manager

"We are very pleased with the work Advantex has done for us. Their service is very good and we really benefit from having one company providing CCTV, access control and network services – it delivers cost savings and the advantages of single point of contact for some of the most critical services we use and benefit from as a college."

Steve Collingwood
Facilities Manager

"We are very pleased with the installation. Advantex has provided a very flexible and high quality system that meets our needs for site security and safety.

Furthermore, the company has been very helpful and extremely responsive in providing an advanced, cost effective solution that will deliver long term financial benefits over many years."

Guy Capstaff
IT Systems Manager, Unipres