IT Solutions

Managed IT Services are an extension of your in-house expertise and technology. They give you flexibility to up or down-scale rapidly in line with your needs without the intensive upfront capital cost.

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Flexible Access to Leading Technology

Managed Services can help you reduce your costs by giving you the ability to bring expertise, skills and even technology into your workplace without intensive upfront capital costs.

We’ve invested heavily in the best people and spent over 15 years building partnerships with the leading technology providers so that we can offer you access to best-in-class services.

With a single phone call, you can get almost instant access to all the IT Services & Support you’ll ever need.


You Don’t Need to Deal With Problems

Our dedicated IT Support desk is staffed 24/7 by fully Accredited experts who will work with you, day or night, to resolve your problem satisfactorily.

For services delivered over the cloud, our secure network will protect you from viruses, malware and other invasive, critical attacks and keep your workplace safe.

Buying Managed Service from us protects you from problems and if any problems do arise, they become our problems, not yours. In most cases, we can tell you you’ve got a problem before you even know it yourself.

How Can Advantex Managed Services Help You Do More with Less?

  • Access skills, expertise and technology without intensive capital costs
  • Increase the size of your team without needing to increase the size of your premises
  • Scale up or down to suit your specific needs
  • Protect your workplace with the latest security and minimise disruption from ransomware, viruses and other malicious activity

"Advantex successfully met all of our expectations for the project and we are now the proud owners of a more robust, future proof ICT infrastructure that will serve staff and students for years to come."

James Clark
Information Manager, The Duchess's Community High School

"Advantex is fast building a reputation in education IT provision and impressed with their outstanding expertise and professional, added value approach."

Jeremy Barnett
Operations Director, Galliford Try

"Since installing the remote lighting system, Advantex have been excellent with their aftercare and everything that we've required we've had. The lights have enabled evening and twilight race meetings which has been excellent for the profile of the racecourse."

Paul Elliot
Operations Manager