Wireless Networks

Give your users better, more secure wireless access regardless of your location with Managed Wireless Network technology so powerful, it even works hundreds of meters underground.

Managed Wireless Network Solutions Suitable for All Environments

Liberate your staff with the latest ratified wireless networks that deliver 100% wireless coverage. The pains of the past are long gone, and you don’t ever need to be in a situation where there’s no wireless signal ever again.

With a properly designed and managed wireless network, you can secure your workplace for your staff or students and deliver all the cost-saving benefits that come with converged technologies; as well as some new ones like asset tracking and health and safety improvements.

We’ve deployed Wireless Networks in the toughest of environments; from bustling city centres and public transport hubs to hundreds of meters underground.


Wireless Networks Without the Work

Our Managed Wireless Network solution, like all of our managed services, gives you access to the latest technology, ensuring your users stay connected wherever they are, without the work of managing it.

In a managed wireless solution, we take care of the management, maintenance and support of your network, whenever you need it, leaving you free to deliver better services.

We’re available 24/7 to resolve your issues, whenever they arise, so that your users never experience a wireless blackout.


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How Can a Managed Wireless Network Solution Transform Your Workplace?

  • Remove all dead signal zones and make sure every single room that needs access, has access.
  • Give you wireless access wherever you are.
  • Receive 24/7 dedicated support and keep your users online.
  • Get access to the latest wireless technology, skills and experience without the intensive costs.

"The IT and communications solution by Advantex will meet the needs of our customers.

It will also deliver long term financial benefits and the flexibility for future infrastructure and technology upgrades."

Bruce Trotter
Partnership Director

"Advantex’s advice on IT systems and technologies keeps us up-to-date, and they are able to anticipate changes which may occur in the long time, proactively offering solutions. This ensures our systems are well equipped for future updates."

Tina Murphy