IP Cameras & Access Control

Protect your people and your assets with IP Physical Security solutions designed to make managing the security of your site simple and cost-effective.

If you’re not taking advantage of remote monitoring via IP Surveillance, protecting designated areas with IP Access Controls or reducing costs with intelligent IP Building Management systems, you’re leaving savings and efficiency on the table.

IP Physical Security: A New Age of Protection

Do you have grainy CCTV cameras that hardly show you what they recorded? Are you still switching off lights manually at the end of the day? Are your staff walking around with physical keys that they frequently lose and you have to resolve?

It’s old. It’s cumbersome. It’s not the best use of your skills.

It’s time to leave all of that behind, make your job easier and your time stretch further by bringing all of these independent security systems into one IP-based solution.

Multiple Security Systems. One IP-Based Solution.

Manage your entire IP Physical Security system from a single, remotely accessible account. Access video, assign door access privileges and manage your building’s utilities easily, from any device.

As an NSI Gold-level provider, we can implement a fully integrated IP Physical Security system that will connect seamlessly to your existing IP infrastructure, lowering your cost of acquisition.

How Can An IP Physical Security Solution from Advantex Help You?

  • You’ll only need to make one call to get support for Surveillance, Access and Building Management
  • You’ll be able to manage your site’s security remotely, on any device
  • You’ll be partnering with an NSI Gold Level provider of security solutions

"The support that Advantex has given us has been crucial in achieving that ambition, and we are now proud to call them a partner"

John Sargent
Director at Veterans In Crisis

"Since installing the remote lighting system, Advantex have been excellent with their aftercare and everything that we've required we've had. The lights have enabled evening and twilight race meetings which has been excellent for the profile of the racecourse."

Paul Elliot
Operations Manager

"We are very pleased with the installation. Advantex has provided a very flexible and high quality system that meets our needs for site security and safety.

Furthermore, the company has been very helpful and extremely responsive in providing an advanced, cost effective solution that will deliver long term financial benefits over many years."

Guy Capstaff
IT Systems Manager, Unipres